Mistral’s new, revolutionary Twin Air Inflatables.



Brace yourself for a new world of Mistral, because while other brands have been asleep at the wheel, we’ve managed to reinvent it! From radical new construction techniques of our inflatable boards using Twin Air Technology® to a complete re-think and redesign of the windsurfing rig and sail with our new CarboWing. So advanced is our inflatable technology, that we can proudly introduce our Hip Hop and Boogie boards, capable of wave riding and jumping. The CarboWing rig takes windsurfing rig technology closer to that of yacht and dinghy designs, using a foiled, pre-raked mast, with internal mast track – no more mast sleeves and in addition very much less downhaul or outhaul tension required – this is proper sailing technology befitting the sport and long overdue. For all the fun facts and details of our exciting and highly advanced 2020 range. Check out the full range today.

Mistral Twin Air Technology

In a stagnating think-tank of ideas, we’ve create a unique product and addressed the issue of rigidity and adaptability all within the one design concept. Two individual left and right chambers running the full length of the board, segmented by a unique narrow centre hollow void, constrained by an outer compression-band.

Uniquely more rigid than any other inflatable, Twin Air Technology® in this format provides harmonies outlines, ideal volume distribution, rocker lines and unique details within the construction…

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A session to practice your paddleboard skills and enjoy the calm, safe and sheltered lagoon. 

Join in the fun One-Design race series on international Mistral One-Design boards. Fun racing on a level playing field, open to all. Boards, paddles and leashes provided. 

This paddle board session is designed for anyone looking to get on the water to practice their skills with guidance from our qualified instructors 


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