The Equinox 12’6 ocean technical board, is highly versatile, intuitive and eager to catch bumps and work with the ocean. It’s loads of fun to paddle and ideal for paddlers up to 75kg needing a board that’s competitive and simply a joy to own and experience.




When Developing This Board, We Assumed Rough Water, Shore Break, Catching Bumps Downwind And Pushing Up Wind. In Short We Wanted To Create A Board That Is Intuitive, That Does Some Of The Thinking For You. It Must Work With Water Not Against It And That Means Designing A Board, So As It Can Pitch And Roll Freely And The Rider Must Move With It.

Creating A ‘stiff Board’ Will Dumb It Down So As It Fights Against The Movement Of Water. We Therefore Had To Design A Board That Has A ‘soft’ Interaction With The Water On The One Hand And ‘punchy’ When It Needs To Be, Especially Upwind. The 12’6 Race Board Division Refuses To Go Away And What Will Hold It In Place Will Be Better By Design Solutions.

Designed By Steve West And Chris Diplock, Creators Of The Highly Successful Vortex and Equinox 14′, The Concept Was Created From A Brief That Ensured The Board Would Not Be Complicated By Adding In Stand In Areas, Which On The Face Of It, Can Cause Real Headaches In Surf Conditions And Downwind, As Available Deck Space Gets Taken Up With Side Walls And Reboarding After A Fall, Needs To Be As Quick And Easy As Possible.