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Dear All,

We hope you are staying safe at home or at work (and if you are at work, whatever your role, we all appreciate your efforts in keeping things going). Also, thank you for your continued support of our business during these uncertain times.

These are without doubt extraordinary circumstances and naturally the safety of our sailing and watersports community and families is paramount to us. As you know, due to the severity of the Corona Virus, HM Government instructed all non-essential stores to close (we might consider we’re essential to you but sadly they don’t!). I wanted to update you to reassure you that although our physical location is closed, our online store and social media presence will continue to operate and support you with useful information, informal video updates and access to great products. We want you to be ready to just ‘add water and go!’ when the time comes.

Our online presence is business as usual so orders through our online store are being shipped out and delivered. Delivery times may be affected.

We have also made the decision to reduce our Free Shipping to any orders over £35 and have introduced the ability to purchase gift vouchers so that you are now able to gift someone or use at a later date.

We will continue to update you if anything changes but, as always, I am available should you require anything, just call.

Rory Ellis – 07944 222048

New products


In the history of windsurfing, there’s been many ideas come and go for sail and rig design, but they have only ever amounted to fine tuning of an existing technology, never ground breaking and sometimes a backward step. The CarboWing is the solution ...


Twin Air Technology® disposes of the use of a singular primary chamber, replaced by two equally sized left and right chambers running the full length of the board, segmented by a unique narrow centre hollow void, constrained by an outer compression-band...


Mistral back on the front page of UK magazines.