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Marlow Splicing Guide
With over 200 years of technical knowledge and rope care expertise, Marlow have compiled a Guide to Splicing to guide even the most novice of sailors through completing splices that will ensure their ropes are used to their full potential.
Endorsed by Dame Ellen MacArthur, it’s an indispensable instruction manual for all sailors and boat owners. It contains detailed illustrations and stage by stage instructions on seven common types of splice, as well as whipping and a selection of useful knots.
Includes the following splices:
• 3-Strand Eye Splice
• D2 Taper
• D12 Locking Eye Splice
• D2 Eye Splice
• Marlowbraid Eye Splice
• Doublebraid
• 8-Strand Eye Splice

Printed on high quality gloss laminated paper, each splice is easy to find using the indexed dividers and there is a blank notes page for every splice. The book itself is wire bound so will lay completely flat on a work surface, open at the page you are using.
• 66 pages, 210 x 158mm