Aqua Sol 300ml

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Aqua Sol purifies water for drinking and eliminates tastes and odours. Simply add Aqua Sol each time the tank or container is filled.

300ml Bottle Purifies 750 Litres. Add one capful to every 25 Litres of water when filling tank.

Aqua Sol is an advanced dual-purpose water purifying solution which kills all harmful organisms and eradicates foul tastes and odours, after keeping water fresh and pure for drinking.

Disease causing bacteria slimes, plastics producing odorous phenols and other materials within a water system, can create foul tastes and odours.

Product Details: 
  • 300ml Bottle Treats up to 250 Litre Tank
  • Cleans & Purifies Water Tanks
  • Removes BioFilms
  • Eliminates Tastes & Odours
  • Cleans water systems, tank, pipes, pump, taps
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi, cysts, and bacteria biofilm
  • Eliminates Tastes and Odours from iron, manganese and other metallic's phenols, trichlorophenols, hydrogen sulphides and sulphides