Hawk - Wind Indicator

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The Hawk is the original Hawk Wind Indicator and sets the standard by which all Wind Indicators are judged. Lightweight with a balanced arm and the Hawk “V” jewel bearing surface this is the ultimate in Wind Indicator Technology. The Vane arm is made from super tough Nylon giving good rigidity and UV Protection. The support rod is high grade aluminium allowing it to be bent if required or straightened should it be knocked or damaged. The easily removable mast clip can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and is easily removed without tools. Adjust and lock the reference arms at any angle for quick, at a glance indication, of either gybing or tacking angles.

  • Use:                          Dinghies, Dayboats, Sportsboats up to 8m.
  • Vane Arm Length:   27cm
  • Overall Height:         28cm
  • Overall Weight:        25gms 
  • Bearing:                    “V” Jewel
  • UV Protected:          Yes
  • Balanced Arm:        Counter Weight.