Solarez 1oz "Low-Light" Epoxy

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A clear, non-yellowing, TOUGH (hard surface + flexible) repair resin formulated for repairing Styrofoamcore surfboards, sailboards or hobby items. This resin cures very well in sunlight and with our H.O. UV flashlight @ 385nm. Formulated especially This Zero VOC resin is non-flammable and very safe to use yet cures to a very tough finish with considerable flexibility Curing commences within 10 seconds of exposure to mid-day sunshine in non-polar latitudes. Ambient temperatures as low as -20°F or as high as 120°F have little effect on cure time or physical properties of Solarez.


Advantages of Solarez UV-Cure Epoxy Resin:

• ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds

• Environmentally-safe

• Hypoallergenic

• Super-fast curing

• Dense crosslinking

• Non temperature-dependence (cures @-20°F)

• Doesn’t absorb water (humidity) like other epoxies

• Re use of uncured “waste” resin

• Non-yellowing

• No catalyst, no rush

• Compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester resins

• Excellent flex characteristics


TYPICAL LIQUID PROPERTIES Viscosity, Brookfield, cps 35,500 Appearance Clear DOT Flammability Rating, °F >150 Monomer content % 35 TYPICAL PROPERTIES OF CURED CASTING @ 77°F (guidance only) 1Tensile strength 4,200 1Tensile elongation, % 25 Compressive strength, psi 17,000 3Barcol hardness 37 Heat deflection temp, °F 180