Mistral Ulani 8.0" X 16"

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The Tahitian Tear-Drop shaped blade as it was first referred to back in the mid 1970's has become one of the most universally used shapes, borrowed in fact from Tahitians and adopted by paddle makers in the USA, Australia and elsewhere who were shaping paddles for the outrigger canoeing communities. A very forgiving shape, which gives you the capacity to keep the power on in keeping the blade face vertical or permitting it to quickly 'trip' forward to spill the power. Allows for high stroke rates and ease of applying 'feathering' of the blade during the recovery phase of the stroke. Medium flex shaft, cushions stress to the joints, without excessive loss of power. 

The Ulani is available in 3 formats

  • 1 piece 84" (212m) before cutting down.
  • 2 piece adjustable. Minimum height 70" (178cm) - maximum height 90.5" (230cm)
  • 3 piece adjustable break apart. Minimum height 69" (176cm)  - maximum height 89" (226cm)

Clamps - Single flat-head screw adjustment clamping system, lighter and more efficient than a dual screw clamp.
Break apart shaft for the 3 piece - There's a single spring-pin and we've 'scarfed' the shaft to create a dove-tail to improve the fitment.

Key Features

  • 8.0" x 16" blade 
  • Low aspect
  • Marginal upper spline to split water evenly at end of stroke
  • Marginal blade concave
  • Palm grip
  • Shaft flex moderate
  • Blade tip to top of grip incremental measurments in inches and cm
  • Round shaft